Comments from Patients

“Thank you very much indeed for all your help. I have been really impressed by the support and care from Dr Bajaj. It’s tough going through the diagnosis and I feel lucky to have had access to the healthcare I have”. Mrs Crawford, Derby.

“Reflecting on my consultation with you on Monday can I just thank you for your great help in addressing my condition. I feel fortunate that I have been on the receiving end of very thoughtful and comprehensive investigation. I appreciate this very much together with the clarity of your articulation on the results.” Mr A, Derbyshire.

“An enormous thank you to Dr Bajaj for helping me when I needed your advice”. Miss B Wright, Derbyshire.

“We would like to thank Dr Bajaj for his care and support over the last few years whilst father was battling with Parkinson’s…our most sincere thanks for all his efforts to help ease father’s condition over the years”. Mr and Mrs Land, Derbyshire.

“Thank you for your knowledge and your dedication to make my life bearable.” Mrs E Horton, Derbyshire.