I am happy to see both self paying patients and patients having medical insurance. For insured patients, payments are initially made by the patient and reclaimed through insurance. Many patients worry about the financial cost of seeing someone privately. This has to be balanced against the peace of mind of knowing what’s wrong with you in a timely manner and in most cases, having the reassurance that it is nothing serious rather than many anxious weeks of waiting for a diagnosis. Seeing a consultant privately also guarantees you “one to one” treatment with a consultant of your choice rather than leaving it to chance. I am happy to tailor your treatment plan to you as an individual and you can see me as often or indeed as infrequently as your require.
If I order investigations for you, I will always discuss these with you in advance and the options available to you if your insurance does not cover these. Costs of investigations have to be settled with the provider of these tests rather than with myself.
Payments with myself can be settled by cheque made out to “Neuromedica Ltd” at the time of your appointment. PayM is now also available as an option and the details for using this system will be on your initial appointment letter.
Any queries with regards to fees can be discussed with my accounts manager, Mrs Anne Stevens on 01332 540130, email anne.stevens@nuffieldhealth.com