What are Neurological Symptoms?

As the brain, spinal cord and nerves, control so much of our everyday functions, the list of symptoms that can arise from neurological dysfunction is broad. They include:

  • Mental Illness And AlzheimersHeadache, Muzzy/Fuzzy heads, Pressure behind the eyes, Pain in the teeth (where dental assessment is normal), Sensitivity in the scalp, Pain on chewing
  • Tingling in face or body, Visual blurring or disturbance, Double vision, Visual loss
  • Dizziness, Unsteadiness, some types of Hearing Loss and Tinnitus, Vertigo
  • Weakness, Paralysis, Stroke, Clumsiness, Poor coodination
  • Gait disorder, Shuffling, Falls, Slowed Walking
  • Loss of sensation, Numbness, Painful hands and feet
  • Spinal problems, Sciatica, Pain in the buttocks/legs
  • Bladder frequency, Urinary incontinence, Urinary frequency, Night time urinary frequency
  • Poor sleep pattern, Sleep attacks, Excessive daytime sleepiness
  • Memory problems, Personality change, some forms of Hallucination, Behavioural change
  • Speech problems, Swallowing difficulty,
  • Muscle wasting, Muscle twitching, Cramps, Weakness
  • Blackouts, Seizures, Collapse, Feelings of de-realisation